Monday, February 7, 2011

IRS ahead of the curve!

I am rarely in a position to praise the IRS for a job well done. In fact, if you look back at all the previous blogs on the website, I’d be surprised if you found even one entry giving IRS any kind of complement. That’s about to change.

Recently the IRS announced that a free app called IRS2Go can be downloaded from either the Android Marketplace or the Apple App Store. This Smartphone Application will let you check on the status of your refund as well as give you helpful tax information, right on your mobile device!

You can also follow the IRS Twitter news feed at @IRSnews.

Set aside for the moment the obvious question, why would anyone want to? and marvel as I did at how cool it is that this agency which is notorious for having antiquated computer systems and being un-user friendly can suddenly catapult into techie-cool status.

A good example of tax dollars at work.

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