Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pass the steak, please.

Hi All, I have not posted in quite some time, and in the spirit of the current election hysteria, I AM NOT going to prognosticate on the results of our election!. (You're welcome!)

However, I did learn of a really interesting proposal that was important enough to recharge this blog.

A study has been completed by a team of Oxford researchers on climate change, greenhouse gases and food production. the conclusion is that agriculture, forestry, and changes in land use are the second highest source of greenhouse gas emissions globally. The solution:  to levy a tax on food production emissions!

The tax would be levied globally and create higher prices on foods that create greenhouse gases, notably animal products. The recommended tax target is a 40% levy on beef, and 20% on milk and other meat products. 

The benefits of pricing foods to their climate impact supposedly would lead to lower demand for targeted foods, resulting in lower emissions and healthier diets, fighting obesity, colon cancer, heart disease and such. Problem solved!

So, starting next week world ministers are meeting for two weeks in Marakesh to discuss climate change and this new study from Oxford. Does anyone really believe they will be dining on only vegetarian food  while they are determining how to compel Montana cattle ranchers to grow bananas?

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